StaffingCorner Enterprise Edition
StaffingCorner Enterprise Edition is an integrated Talent Acquisition solution to meet needs of large corporations who have various business entities, subsidiaries, departments and projects. The solution is designed to centralize and streamline various staffing and vendor management related actvities.


Requirement Management - Open Requisitions and manage them throughout the entire Requisition life-cycle. Track Requisition History. Inform relevant users of every step throughout the entire Requisition life-cycle.
Career Website Module (Optional) - Manage requisitions on your organization's career website.
Interview Management - Manage multi-rounds of candidate in-person, telephone, and conference interviews.
Online Resume Submittal - Online resume submittal from career website, vendors and internal recruiters to a common view panel. Track duplicate submissions, submission history and find best match.
Resume Bank Management - Manage your bank of resumes
Talent Pipeline Management - Powerful pipeline management system to manage pipeline candidates
Track Submittal History and Ratings – Track entire and step by step history of the candidates submitted through career website, vendors and by internal recruiters. Track ratings and feedback provided by various mangers/recruiters.
Vendor Management - Manage vendors across various projects. Search vendors based on their size, location, service area, certifications. Evaluate and compare vendor performance and rates. 3 Tiers for preferred vendors list.
Work Order - Create Work Orders for hired candidates with online Work Order Approval system.
Time and Expense Entry/Approval - Online Time and Expense entry by vendors and contractors. Online approval by managers.
eInvoicing - Generate vendor invoices based on approved time and expense sheets.
User Authorization and Approval Rights - Assign rights to approve Timesheet, Invoice and/or Work Order to users.
Messaging - Notify appropriate users at each step involved in various processes via email and/or through internal messaging system.
Reporting - StaffingCorner provides numerous standard reports and a robust reporting tool to allow you measure and evaluate performance along with summaries, graphs, details etc.
Customization - StaffingCorner Enterprise Edition can be tailored to meet your needs
Hosting - StaffingCorner Enterprise Edition can be hosted exclusively for clients

Benefits and Use
  • Cost effective integrated solution for various Talent Acquisition needs. Fast Returns of investments
  • Centralize Talent Acquisition and Vendor Management activities
  • Manage and Track Requisitions from various clients and projects
  • Manage submissions on various Requisitions
  • Track Duplicate submissions
  • Monitor and help enhance Recruiter and Account Executive performances
  • Co-ordinate between various Recruiters, Accounts Executives, Accounting, Vendors, Candidates located at various locations, offices and offshore locations
  • Track Applicants
  • Maintain Resume Bank
  • Manage candidates who are in Pipeline
  • Vendor Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Avoid vendor invoicing errors due to duplicate invoicing or incorrect billing of time by using Vendor eInvoicing module


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